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Google launches new app to bring out the inner scientists in us

Google has come up with a new app that it hopes will spur users into exploring their scientific bent of mind all the more.

Aptly named Scientific Journal, the new app will use the already existing sensors that are present on Android-powered phones and tablets for users to store or process their data. The app is designed to record and store the data in real time and offer the same in graph and chart formats for easy comprehension later on.

“To bring out that inner scientist in all of us, today we’re introducing Science Journal: a digital science notebook that helps kids (and adults!) measure and explore the world around them. With this app, you can record data from sensors on your Android phone (or connected via an Arduino), take notes, observe, interpret and predict. Fundamentally, we think this application will help you learn how to think like a scientist,” Google said in a blog post.

The app also comes with enough smart elements built into itself, allowing them to predict the future course of action with future tests. The app uses the light sensor, accelerometer, and the microphone to collect and store the appropriate data.

The sensors included should also be enough for the app to work on the running pace of a user, and offer a line graph, allowing users to chart their performance over given period.

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According to Google, the company is keen to see others contribute to the project by offering add-on sensors to expand the scope of the app further. It also stated that has it already forged a partnership with the San Francisco-based public learning laboratory, Exploratorium to device more sensors and other aids while being ingenious to make the most of the Scientific Journal app.

“Since we know that hands-on projects increase engagement, cultivate curiosity and spark a lifelong interest in learning, we also teamed up with the Exploratorium – a leader in science education – to develop and assemble creative hands-on learning activity kits to accompany the Science Journal app. These Science Journal kits include inexpensive sensors, microcontrollers and craft supplies that bring science to life in new ways. The kits are available for purchase in the US or can even be assembled yourself,” Google commented.

Google also stated that the app will be open source starting this summer even though it already is available to download from the Google Play Store.