Home Technology Moto Z along with MotoMod accessories revealed in new leak

Moto Z along with MotoMod accessories revealed in new leak

The upcoming Moto Z is revealed in a new set of images, courtesy of Evan Blass.

However, it’s just the rear end that is depicted in the latest leak, revealing a flat metallic construction sporting a shining textured finish and a rather large camera module incorporating a flat tyre design alongside Droid logo etched on the glass. Further, the rear is shown in three color variants, gold, silver, and black.

What’s more interesting is the series of gold plated dots towards the bottom that evidently are smart connectors, connecting to smart accessories. Fortunately, Blass also shared the accessories, with three of them depicted as of now.

Speculated earlier as Amps, the accessories that have come to the limelight as MotoMods would snap on to the standard Moto Z devices in order to provide the handsets with additional secondary capabilities. The usefulness is pretty evident with the top-most MotoMod, which has its own lens, shutter release button, and flash. Needless to say, it will offer a digital camera sort of makeover for the Moto Z.

The exact roles of the other two MotoMods aren’t clear at this point. However, one of them seems to have a built-in kickstand. It might also incorporate an extra battery, likewise designed to allow watching videos for longer durations without worrying about battery drain.

The inner-most MotoMod is the least visible, and its exact role is anybody’s guess at the moment. However, MotoMod that is designed to serve as a Pico projector, as well as a stereo speaker, is already under speculations. Motorola is apparently keen to replicate the modular design approach of the LG G5 in an entirely different manner.

The new Motorola Moto Z, which happens to be the re-branded Moto X, is expected to make an appearance during the Lenovo Tech World event on June 9.