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UberPOOL to offer $2 credit for not reaching the destination on time

Uber has launched a new scheme for its carpool customers as per which riders will get $2 compensation if they arrive at their destination beyond the expected time.

The compensated amount will then be adjusted with next UberPOOL rides. Users are required to have the latest updates installed to avail the feature. Further, it’s only available if the source and destinations are within the city limits of Los Angeles. Uber hasn’t stated when it will be rolled out in other regions of the world but has indicated its likely to come soon.

How does it work?

Riders need to launch UberPOOL and enter the pick-up and drop-off points. Uber then provides the cost and the latest time estimates by which it hopes to reach the destination. Riders then have to select ‘Request UberPOOL’ if those sound reasonable enough.

Of course, Uber will be covering its ground well enough when it provides the time estimates, which also takes into account any detour needed to pick up any other customers opting for the same trip. “Because your app shows you the absolute latest time you’ll reach your destination, you will often arrive well before the estimate shown,” Uber wrote.

Also, it’s nice to see a ride-sharing company guaranteeing an arrival time at the specified destination and compensating if it fails to do so even though the amount offered isn’t anything exciting. That said, riders might still be irked if they gain the same amount irrespective of the deviation from the stipulated time.


UberPOOL is a relatively new service from Uber, having launched only in 2014. It also turns out to be 40 percent cheaper than a ride on Uber X as users not only are sharing the car, but the riding cost too gets shared. Uber stated there are more than 100 million UberPOOL trips reported worldwide since the launch.

Uber is also keen to promote its carpooling service as not only a viable means of travelling but one that creates less congestion and less pollution.

“Getting more people in fewer cars is also a proven way to cut pollution and congestion in our cities,” claimed Uber in its blog post. “In Los Angeles, for example, UberPOOL cut the number of miles driven by 7.9 million, and the amount of carbon dioxide by 1,400 metric tons in the first eight months of operation.”