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WWDC 2016: 7 features Apple copied from Google or Microsoft

Apple’s WWDC concluded successfully, and we already have had a peek as to what’s coming our way from the Cupertino-based company during the coming months. Also, while much of what has been revealed does makes things all the more interesting, what also can’t be ignored is the fact that we are already familiar several of those, thanks to Google and Microsoft. In this article, we have mentioned several such features that seem to be a direct rip-off off Google or Microsoft.

Picture-in-picture: While Apple might be boasting itself with the launch of the feature in macOS, the same has already been there for several years now in the TouchWiz UI Android first introduced by Samsung.

Siri debuts on macOS: While that is excellent and welcomed, we have already seen Microsoft pull off just such a thing with its Cortana that is equally active on both the Windows 10 desktop and mobile platforms.

Siri SDK launched: Here again Apple is trailing Microsoft in that the latter’s Cortana is already an open medium for developers.

Lock screen notifications: While Android may not yet have support for 3D Touch, it already shows several notifications in the Lock Screen including basic music playback controls as well. The same also applies to Windows Phone.

Photos app: The app is now updated with the inclusion of several cool features such as face recognition, object recognition, or clustering and sorting according to date, person, or place and such. However, all of those have already been available with Google Photos for the last one year. What’s more, Google is even offering unlimited free cloud storage while Apple is charging beyond a set limit.

Apple Maps: it’s another app that has undergone a thorough revamp with the addition of several features to it, and one key aspect of it is to allow access to the Maps to third party developers. That again is something where Google has stolen a march over its Cupertino rival.

Deleting bloatware: Finally, while iOS users might have the means to remove pre-installed Apple apps, Android users have that privilege for some time already.