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Apple bans Flash on Safari 10 web browser

Apple’s dislike for Flash is all too well known, and the same is set to enter a new realm with the latter being kept in bounds on Safari 10. That would make for the default setting as the focus shifts to HTML 5.

Apple software engineer Ricky Mondello further stated if a site is compatible with both Flash and HTML 5, it’s Flash that would have to make way for HTML 5. However, if users ever come across a site that is entirely reliant on Flash, Safari will ask the user if he/she would like to enable Flash, that too if it is to be done just once or each time the site is loaded.

The Safari 10 browser forms part of macOS Sierra when it launches later this fall.

Also, it is not just the Cupertino company that harbors a deep-rooted hatred for Flash. Rather, several others like Microsoft, Google, and Mozilla also share the same feeling for the Adobe plug-in. Notwithstanding the fact that it’s the Flash that not too long ago happened to be the only resource that added to the fun element of a site by playing video, enabling game playing and such.

All of it is not without a reason though considering that Flash more often than not suffered from security issues that undermined the security of the device. Apart from that, Flash is also known to trigger battery drain on a mobile.

Interestingly, it is not just Flash but a couple of other plug-ins like Java, Silverlight, and Apple’s QuickTime that too find themselves in the firing line.

Google’s Chrome is the other major browser that had Flash disabled by default. Similar is the case with Mozilla Firefox that is now programmed to disable old and insecure Flash versions. The latest Microsoft Edge browser also disables Flash though only if it is not essential for the operation of the site.