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Apple iPhone 7: 3.5mm jack stays alongside dual SIM & dual lens camera

A new iPhone launch has always been preceded by months of speculations, rumors, and contradictions. The same is being played out again as we await the launch of iPhone 7 around fall. And the biggest and newest rumor to be associated with the handset is that it will feature a 3.5mm headphone jack and a dual rear camera besides having dual SIM support as well.

Not surprisingly, the rumors have their source in component leaks originating in China.

This time, it’s courtesy of the Ganzhou based smartphone repairer, Rock Fix that posted several images purported to be that of the iPhone 7.

Among those include the Lightning cable assembly of the 4.7-inch model and includes the 3.5mm headphone jack. It is contrary to recent leaks that claimed the next iPhone might ditch the 3.5mm slot once and for all. Apple too had made it known on several occasions about their reservations with the 3.

5mm jack on account of those being single purpose and of the analog type.

Another leaked shot reveals what is being put forth as the dual SIM tray for the iPhone 7. If true, this would be the first time an iPhone would be offering dual SIM functionality, something that is already commonplace on even low-end Android devices. However, Apple will have to compensate for the added battery drain associated with a dual sim on the next iPhone, which again has never been known for their battery credentials.

Other leaked images reveal SanDisk memory chips of 256 GB capacity, another first for any iPhone. An internal antenna design too is being touted though sources mentioned, those won’t help the handset get rid of its external antenna bands altogether.

After that, a dual lens rear camera is another aspect that is back in contention thanks to the recent leak. The same had earlier been subject to several rounds of flip-flops as rumor mongers differed on its actual implementation on the iPhone 7. The latest rumor gives it a thumbs up, meaning it’s going to be there on the bigger iPhone 7 Plus variant.

Currently, the LG G5 is the only among mainstream flagship handsets to offer dual lens rear camera setup, and the feature has already gone for some rave reviews.

Meanwhile, another source who goes by the name Steve Hemmerstoffer and @OnLeaks for his Twitter handle claimed the 4.

7-inch iPhone 7 has already entered mass production at Pegatron’s facilities. Apple iPhone 7 might launch during fall. Further, Pegatron will only be manufacturing the 4.7-inch iPhone with the larger iPhone 7 Plus being made by Foxconn.