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YouTube launches live video streaming from mobile device

Initially, YouTube announced at VidCon that it is ready to join the select group that offers live streaming support. That makes it a bit late in the day for YouTube to go for such a makeover considering its formidable reputation of being the largest online video platform. However, the good thing is that it is finally there.

The Google subsidiary further stated the support will be integrated deep into its mobile application, which means streaming from a mobile device will be super easy. All that the users need to do is hit the red capture button at the corner, snap a picture or use a pre-existing one to be used as a thumbnail and get started.

Users will have the option to stream to all or a select group. Viewers can also exchange messages which will be depicted almost in real time.

Also, with the feature being built-in right into the YouTube mobile app, users will have the usual benefits that the app comes to offer. Those include video search, recommendations, playlists or protecting them from unauthorized users.

“We think this will offer you an entirely new, more intimate and spontaneous way to share your experiences with your communities,” wrote Kurt Wilms, Product Lead, Immersive Experiences at YouTube on the company blog.

The YouTube live streaming feature is currently available to select creators such as The Young Turks, AIB, Platica Polinesia, SacconeJolys, and Alex Wassabi. It will be followed by a wider launch soon though it is not known exactly how soon will be that.

Video streaming has emerged as the latest fad of the mobile-toting crowd and apps such as Meerkat and Periscope has only made it cooler. While Meerkat has been the pioneers here, it got trumped by Periscope soon though the segment is increasingly getting crowded.

For instance, Facebook has already introduced live streaming feature for some time now, and Tumblr is the latest to join the list. That is not all as the Facebook-owned Instagram to is reported to be contemplating jumping onto the video bandwagon, all of which underscores the growing popularity of video among users.