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Microsoft claims solid start for the Xbox One S

The Xbox One S has been on pre-order for a couple of weeks now, and if Microsoft is to be believed, the latest gaming console is off to a great start.

No figures were provided in support of the above claim, except that both fans and retailers are enthusiastic with the new console.

“Pre-orders for the limited launch edition 2TB Xbox One S are off to an amazing start, and it’s not just fans who are excited by the Xbox One S, our retail partners are just as enthusiastic,” wrote Mike Nichols, Corporate Vice President of Marketing for Xbox on the Xbox Wire.

The Xbox One S comes with several enhancements over the Xbox One but can’t exactly be considered a whole new development. Rather, it would perhaps be best to describe the new One S as a spin-off of the Xbox One; one that comes with reduced bulk but with better graphics processing capabilities.

Among the other sell-out feature of the new S include its support for 4K Blu-rays along with a max 2 TB storage option. The Xbox One lacked on both fronts.

Another unique and most perceptible quality of the One S is its dimension, which Microsoft claims is 40 percent less than the Xbox One. The power brick too is now accommodated inside the One S, thereby adding to its ascetics. The entire unit can also be positioned both horizontally and vertically, though for the latter the stand comes for another $20 but is bundled with the launch 2 TB limited edition.

Lastly, the other aspect that can make or break most purchases is the price and the new One S scores big here with its $399 price tag. That applies to the top-of-the-line 2 TB model which ships Aug 31. It will be complemented by cheaper models featuring 1 TB and 500 GB of storage and is priced $349 and $299 respectively.

As of now, it is only the top 2 TB model that is on sale, and Microsoft is yet to announce when the cheaper models enter the fray. However, with the One S 2 TB off to a solid start, as is being claimed by Microsoft, this no doubt will have a positive rub-off effect on its cheaper cousins.

However, for those who might have already bought the Xbox One might do well do wait for the true blue successor to it which is due out around holiday 2017. Microsoft is already claiming it will be the most powerful gaming console ever and will have integrated VR support as well.