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OnePlus warns of impending price hike for OnePlus 3

With the dust from UK’s much-publicised exit from EU yet to settle, one likely fallout of the development is a more costly OnePlus 3 handset.

The Chinese manufacturer let out a warning to this effect claiming they will be forced to go for it if the current uncertainty continues. British Pound had taken a massive beating immediately after the Brexit results were out.

Even though the currency rebounded a bit, it certainly isn’t enough for OnePlus to continue its operations as it has been doing so far.

“Our margins have always been thin, and our expenses are mainly in USD. It being the case, sudden drops such as the one that the Pound has recently experienced could have a direct impact on our prices,” a company spokesman wrote on the company blog.

The latest OnePlus 3 had gone on sale in the UK on June 14 with a starting price of £309. Not surprisingly, it got sold out in no time. Reports of an impending price rise will only add to the demand though the manufacturer stated they would let it known several days in advance before any cost increase is implemented.

Further, while it is only the OnePlus 3 that finds explicit mention in the company release about the price rise, the chances are that the OnePlus 2 or OnePlus X too might see their prices jacked up.

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As AndroidPolice stated, OnePlus is making about $40 less on the sale of each OnePlus 3 sold at the moment compared to what it was even a week ago. That can be attributed to the $1.33 that the British Pound had plunged to immediately after the Brexit results were out.

OnePlus further clarified each of their handsets sold at a loss would only dim their chances of coming up with an even better mobile in future. The latest OnePlus 3 has already gone for rave reviews owing to its build, looks, and features along with the excellent battery life.

Another likeable aspect of the OnePlus 3 is its superb camera – both front and rear. And so far as performance is concerned, the handset is right up to the best in class, trailing the Galaxy S7 by mere milliseconds. All this while costing just £309 compared to the around £550 that the latest S7 costs in the UK.