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HTC reaffirms Android Nougat update for its latest handsets

It is now evident Android N is now Android Nougat. Now, HTC has reiterated its commitment to rolling out the latest Nougat update for its frontline devices – read One M9, One A9, and HTC 10 – soon. However, while that makes it sweet for the ears, the latest confirmation via a Tweet message fails to provide anything new over the earlier revelation on this that had also mentioned the same.

Except that HTC has a more accurate mention for Android Nougat this time instead of Android N it had mentioned earlier. So what’s missing is the likely schedule the update can be expected to reach the said handsets.

For those who’d like to make some guesses, the Nougat lands this fall, but it is the Nexus range that is expected to be its exclusive playground for the first few weeks at least before it starts pilfering onto other devices. Of course, the more modification manufacturers carry out with the stock Android; more will be the delay in implementing the update.

That puts devices such as the Moto line-up in an advantage over the others given that it uses almost the stock Android version and is devoid of the ‘skins’ that has come to identify each manufacturer over the years. HTC belong to the latter category, as does Samsung, LG, and most others.

All of the above considerations put the likely window for Nougat to arrive on the HTC handsets only around end-2016 or early 2017. Meanwhile, HTC’s tweet also did mention a few other handsets too will be provided with the Nougat update but stopped short to be more specific on that.

Similar tweets (or via other mediums) is also expected from other manufacturers as well. There will also be a sense of urgency this time among manufacturers to roll out the latest update and to as many devices as is possible.

At least, that’s the expected scenario given Google’s keenness to deal effectively with the Android fragmentation issue.

That is only expected to grow bigger with the release of each new Android version and it’s no secret many are still struggling with the Android Marshmallow update.