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Apple likely to introduce Night Shift mode on all its devices

Apple is keen to see its Night Shift mode becoming a reality on all its devices with a display. That includes desktops, mobiles, tablets, smartwatches and even cars. That should explain the new trademark application the company filed in the US and Honk Kong, as Patently Apple found out.

Apple had first launched the Night Shift mode in iOS 9.3 and first appeared in the iPad Pro this March.

Perhaps it is the popularity of the technology that made Apple seek an even bigger role for “Night Shift” beyond iOS.

However, the technology isn’t anything earth shattering as it just makes the display go a bit dimmer so as to reduce eye strain when used in dark conditions. The feature gets initiated automatically – provided the Night Shift mode is turned on – based on the clock and device location.

Specifically, it is the blue light that gets dimmed the most based on scientific fact that reduced exposure to blue light causes less strain to the eyes.

Another inherent benefit with the Night Shift mode is the less drain it has on the battery, even though the saving might just be marginal at best.

Apple though might have weird ideas with Night Shift given that the trademark filing has mention of items as outrageous as “animated cartoons, egg-candlers, dog whistles, decorative magnets, electrified fences, portable, remote-controlled car retarders, and electrically heated socks,” for the possible introduction of the feature, as TNW found out.

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In addition, while the above development might bring cheers from staunch Apple fans, several third party app that allows the same functionality might find the going tough from here onwards. In fact, Apple’s all-encompassing patent filing raises fears of legal pursuits against anyone that uses a similar tech. The fact that the patent application has mention of devices as farfetched as even extinguishers and electronic notice boards, as TechRadar found out, certainly points to such a possibility in future.

It again brings back memories of how Apple had gone after Samsung several years back accusing the latter of having copied the looks and feel of its iPhone and iPad devices for application on the latter’s Galaxy range of smartphone and tablet devices. The judges had ruled in Apple’s favor.

However, Apple is yet to make an official comment on this.