Home Technology Xiaomi Mi4i exploded in flames, put several lives in danger

Xiaomi Mi4i exploded in flames, put several lives in danger

Hearing terrifying stories of smartphones exploding while charging are very common, especially those involving Chinese phones. The recent such shocking incident caught on some office’s CCTV camera in India, which leaves behind nothing but a horrifying footage of the Xiaomi Mi4i exploding in flames – causing panic among staff members in no time.

According to ‎Ajay Raj Negi, who brought this whole incident to the limelight, the explosion occurred while the phone was on charging. Negi explained in his Facebook post that he was simply operating some casual functions on his Xiaomi Mi4i when the phone exploded and later caught in the flames (as also seen on the CCTV footage).

“I never knew what could be next while just operating normal functions of the phone. I could have lost my life or my arm or maybe people around me also could have come in the wrap of the disaster that happened. I am really frightened with that incident till date. This Mi4i phone could have been a reason for so many’s death or injury,” Negi said.

Negi further mentioned in his Facebook post that he had purchased the device back in May last year from Flipkart. “In nearly just one year this the performance of your [Xiaomi] phones,” he added.

Responding to this horrendous incident, this is what Xiaomi spokesperson had to say: “We take such matters seriously and we have already been investigating the matter. We have been in touch with the customer and will be getting his device this week for further investigation. In the meantime, we have offered a replacement phone to the customer.”

While it’s true that such terrible incidents may happen with any phone irrespective of its brand or the country of origin, this the second incident of a Xioami phone exploding – putting several lives in danger.