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Mozilla’s Firefox for iOS browser update brings new features, better UX

In the event that you’ve deleted Firefox browser from your iPhone or iPad, or wait, hadn’t it been installed in the first place? Whatever the case, we suggest you to reconsider patching up with Mozilla’s browser on iOS. Because it’s just got better – with the new update the company rolled out just recently.

Mozilla integrated an option for customized search engines for websites such as Wikipedia, Amazon, and others to let users scan through the databases within these sites directly. However, it’s available on a desktop version for quite some time now.

“When we rolled out Firefox for iOS late last year, we got a tremendous response and millions of downloads. Lots of Firefox users were ecstatic they could use the browser they love on the iPhone or iPad they had chosen,” Mozilla’s Nick Nguyen said. “Today, we’re thrilled to release some big improvements to Firefox for iOS. These improvements will give users more speed, flexibility and choice, three things we care deeply about,” he added.

Mozilla also introduced new menu for easier navigation within the browser. According to the company, navigation in iOS browsers isn’t too user-friendly and often results in annoying or rather painful experience when compared to desktop or laptop. Mozilla’s new menu on the Firefox toolbar lets users quickly access mostly-used features such as finding some text on a page or adding bookmarks.

Interestingly, Mozilla added yet another functionality that allows users recover closed tabs and quickly flip through open tabs. What it means is users will now be able to enjoy a hassle-free experience when it comes to recovering closed tabs (irrespective of the fact that whether intentionally closed or accidentally) in addition to navigating through open tabs.

In addition to all these new arrivals, Mozilla’s made it all easier to let users customize their user experience with Firefox for iOS to a great extent – allowing users to choose their favorite site as the homepage. Playing around this new offering will make it a lot easier for users to find their favorite site just a tap away.