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Apple Music for Android comes out of beta stage with equalizer settings

It’s been almost eight months since Apple initially introduced its Music Beta app for Android. The company finally released the Apple Music app for Android on the Google Play Store. “Thank you for your feedback during the beta period,” says Apple. The recent update has brought the Apple Music for Android app to version 1.0 alongside few essential changes. It includes equalizer settings and improvements surrounding stability, performance, and playback.

The app, which now boasts equalizer settings as mentioned earlier, requires Android 4.3 Jellybean and up. Among all the changes and improvements made by the company, equalizer settings is not a part of the original Apple Music for iOS app. Hence, as the matter of fact, the feature in Android app has not been ported from the iOS counterpart. In fact, it’s something that exists in the iOS Settings app.

The equalizer can be found right within the app’s settings from the drawer. All you need to do is double-tapping the EQ option. However, the option is not turned on by default. Hence, you will need to go manually through the procedure to toggle the option on. Once it’s done, you can then scan through different types of music according to your preferences. i.e. classical, hip-hop, and heavy metal. You can then play around equalizer settings by adjusting bass boost and surround sound.

If we have to highlight the overall app offerings, users get to enjoy more 30 million songs right from the service catalog. The songs are curated across thousands of playlists according to different genres. Not just that, users also come across recommendations for playlists, songs, and albums suitable to their interests. Additionally, Apple also deals with Bits 1 radio that allows users listening to their favorite artists & DJs from around the world.

Apple Music was launched back in May last year. Since then, then service has managed to attract over 15 million paid subscribers in addition to over 30 million tracks existing for on-demand streaming.