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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 tragedy may boost Apple iPhone 7 Plus sale

The stylish and powerful Apple iPhone 7 and Plus 7 do not have the potential to disrupt the smartphone market as some of its predecessors. But, the Cupertino-based tech giant may manage to sell a good number of its new device amidst the safety issues of its principal competitor, Samsung. Recently, the Korean Manufacturer’s Galaxy Note 7 is under the limelight for presumably being the most dangerous smartphone ever made.

One of the foremost rivals of the iPhone 7 Plus is the Galaxy Note 7. The latter offers a ton of additional features than the former almost in every aspect. Even though the Note 7 launched earlier than the newest iPhone, it certainly packs more bang for your buck. It does have the power to hinder the sale of Apple’s latest offering.

Unfortunately, a major battery problem has plagued Samsung’s Note 7 smartphones. The hazardous issue is making the handset explode furiously mostly while being charged. This has affected the Note 7 users from around the globe forcing Samsung to pronounce a mass recall. The Korean tech giant has acknowledged the problem and agreed to replace each and every Note 7 having any potential risk. Around 2.5 million handsets will be called back, and this will cost the company billions of dollars.

The most important thing about the disaster is that it has severely ruined the Samsung’s reputation. The violent nature of the accidents has made a lot of people refrain from buying Note 7. Although some would like to praise the company for its speedy response to the issue, we cannot deny the fact that this has almost certainly made a huge number of people lose their trust on it.

This may turn out to be very favorable for its primary opponent – Apple. The latter has just launched its latest iPhone 7, and iPhone 7 Plus and the ongoing problem with Samsung devices would surely enhance their sale numbers. Even though the grave issue is restricted exclusively to the Note 7 line-up, as with every business, a fault in a single item destroys the consumer’s trust its products. We have seen this several times in the history, one of them is concerned with Volkswagen, the famous car maker. A problem in the diesel engine variants in VW’s cars managed to plunge the sale numbers of the non-diesel versions too.

Considering all these we can confidently predict that the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus sales will reach a new height this year. Do let us know your views on it.