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How to check if your Galaxy Note 7 is safe or not [Official Method]

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has turned out to be one of the most unsafe smartphones ever sold on the planet. Going by the reports, till now, over a hundred of the handset have caught fire worldwide. A battery issue in a percentage of devices caused this significant number of accidents. Samsung has already declared a massive recall of its newest flagship Now, the company has officially released a way to check if your Note 7 is safe or has a risk of exploding.

To check if your handset is one of the affected ones, you need to visit Samsung’s dedicated web page. Here, enter the IMEI number of your Galaxy Note 7 to check if it has any potential risk. To find out the IMEI address of your smartphone, you may go to the About Phone section of the Settings or get it from the box pack or the purchase invoice. The method is very easy, and people around the world can quickly know if their phone is at affected or not.

If your Galaxy Note 7 has the battery problem, you should immediately switch off the phone. This is must as the issue is pretty serious and may cause potential damage. Then, you should visit any retail outlet or a carrier store to exchange your smartphone for a new one. Samsung is running the U.S. Note 7 Exchange Program, in which any Note 7 owner can surrender his or her handset and get a new piece within September 21, 2016.

The Korean company will also allow you to opt for a Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge instead of a Note 7. You shall get a refund of the price difference along with a replacement of any Note 7 accessories. Additionally, Samsung is also offering a full refund to interested customers. For a complete refund, a Note 7 owner need to contact the respective store of purchase. For the customers willing to exchange will furthermore get a $25 as a gift card/bill credit/store credit/accessory credit from the eligible carrier or retail outlets.

Samsung has officially clarified that only the Note 7 smartphones sold before September 15, 2016, in the States ship with faulty battery cells. Presently, the manufacturer has stopped the sale of any new piece of the handset. The flagship device will only be sold again after September 21, 2016, only when all the customers who have applied for exchange get a fresh set.