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OnePlus 3 to get the sweet taste of Android Nougat this month

While a lot of biggies have already been getting their share of Android Nougat, OnePlus 3 will also get it by the end of the month. The news was confirmed by the company’s head of software, Brian Yoon.

Once the build is stable and completely ready, by the end of the year it will be rolled out over the air to the OnePlus 3 users. OnePlus is also working to bring the update to its predecessor, like OnePlus 2. However, no fixed timeframe has been set by the officials.

With a large number of users, the pressure to bring the update to OnePlus 3 was immense. The move to bring Nougat quickly to its phones seem possible after a series of positive decisions like the merger of its software team working on HydrogenOS with the OxygenOS. With this move, it hoped the pace would finally pick up.

On November 15, OnePlus is rumoured to launch its new phone, OnePlus 3T. While most believe, it will come with the Android Marshmallow version, there’s also speculation that it might come with Android Nougat. OnePlus 3T will come with Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 821 processor. Besides the processor upgrade, it will also have changes in the battery and camera.

LG was the first in line to announce the Nougat update for its flagship phone G5. Soon after, Samsung followed it up for its S7/Edge users. Now, OnePlus 3 is all set to join the bandwagon. Nougat seems to be making its way to some high-end Android phones. Well, the holidays couldn’t have been sweeter!