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New sealed iPhone 8GB model from 2007 put up for auction, expected to fetch $50,000

It really is crazy how much old stuff might end up being valued. Take for instance an iPhone dating all the way back to 2007 that is now put up for auction and is expected to fetch a fortune, to say the least. The phone happens to be an 8 GB model that featured a Samsung processor. It also came with a 3.5-inch touchscreen display which might seem minuscule at the moment but used to be a novelty back then. After all, it is the iPhone that started the trend of touchscreen enabled phones that was picked up by other manufacturers soon thereafter.

The first generation iPhone also came with just 16 pre-installed applications. It also came with several innovative features that continue to be of relevance even today. Those include pinch-to-zoom, autocorrect, pull to refresh, and so on. The phone however was tied to the AT&T 2G EDGE network which has ceased to exist in this age of 5G connectivity. That means, the highest bidder of the phone who is expected to shell out no less than $50,000 still won’t be able to make much of the phone as such.

It still is going to be a collector’s item though, and those who value retro pieces can go to any length to get items of their choice. The particular model however was priced at $599 though the same with 4 gigs of storage – you heard that right, just 4 gigs of it – was priced at $499. Anyone who picks it up isn’t likely to use it either and might keep it the same for selling it off some years later for an even higher price tag.

As for its present owner, it happens to be one Karen Green who works as a cosmetic tattoo artist and received the iPhone as a gift from friends after getting her first job in 2007. However, for some reason, she never got to open the box and is auctioning it off, which is expected to fetch $50,000. It’s like hitting a jackpot.