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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is safest smartphone, says Research

With the very real risks that came with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and its fire dangers, we tend to forget that cell phones already contain harmful effects from use over time. Cell phones are capable of emitting electromagnetic waves that can damage the human body. Luckily, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge takes the extra steps to minimize those risks, in terms of electromagnetic emissions.

Monitored by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), the emissions are measured by a unit called the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR), so every phone that is sold within the United States must meet the standards of the FCC. The maximum amount of emissions allowed on the SAR scale stands at 1.6w/kg. Luckily, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge measures a Head SAR value of 0.264w/kg, making it one the safest phones that a consumer can buy, in terms of electromagnetic emissions.

The lower the value on the SAR scale, the safer the phone. In comparison, on the lower end of the scale, we have the Asus ZenFone 3 at 0.278w/kg, the Galaxy A5 at 0.290w/kg, and the Lenovo Moto Z at 0.304w/kg. Reaching the higher end of the scale, we see Apple’s iPhone 7, with a SAR value of 1.38w/kg, and the iPhone 7 Plus, with 1.24w/kg. Nearly tipping the scale, the Huawei Honor 8 measures 1.5w/kg on the scale.

SAR measures how much energy is absorbed by the human body when it is exposed to a radio frequency electromagnetic field. Exposure to electromagnetic radiation can lead to an increased risk of cancer. Limits are set by the World Health Organization to prevent real danger. Government agencies around the world, like the FCC, help to maintain the safe limits.

So, how do we prevent the additional risk of exposure? Simple practices such as minimizing your time with your phone can prevent that exposure. Cell phones also tend to emit more radiation when they have a weak cellular signal since they are constantly searching for the network.

If you happen to be someone looking for a safer smartphone on the market, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge beats the competition, which is something that can be a bit of relief to Samsung after recalling the potentially dangerous Note 7.

Top 10 best SAR among popular smartphones:

  1. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (0.264)
  2. Asus Zenfone 3 (0.278)
  3. Samsung Galaxy A5, 2016 (0,290)
  4. Lenovo Moto Z (0.304)
  5. OnePlus 3 (0.394)
  6. Samsung Galaxy S7 (0.406)
  7. HTC 10 (0.417)
  8. Sony Xperia XA (0.473)
  9. Honor 5X (0.560)
  10. Samsung Galaxy A3, 2016 (0,621)

Top 10 worst SAR among popular smartphones:

  1. Honor 8 (1.5)
  2. Huawei P9 (1.43)
  3. Apple iPhone 7 (1.38)
  4. Apple iPhone 7 Plus (1.24)
  5. Honor 5C (1.14)
  6. Sony Xperia X Compact (1.08)
  7. Sony Xperia XZ (0.870)
  8. LG G5 (0.737)
  9. Apple iPhone SE (0,720)
  10. Sony Xperia X (0.720)

The values below 2 W / kg imposed by legislation are acceptable.