Home News Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra users report screen distortion issue, company issues clarification

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra users report screen distortion issue, company issues clarification

Numerous users who have purchased the Galaxy S23 Ultra early on are reporting a screen defect with their new device. Various online platforms such as Reddit, Twitter, and Samsung Community forums have featured posts detailing an abnormality in the phone’s display. Specifically, the screen appears to have a slight deformity, with the majority of affected users observing the flaw on either the bottom left or the right bottom edge. However, some users have reported the issue on both sides of the screen.

Given its high price tag of $1,200, it is understandable that Galaxy S23 Ultra users are concerned about the reported screen distortion problem. However, the good news here is that there is no cause for alarm as Samsung UK has reassured users that this is not a flaw. In response to a Twitter user who experienced the issue on two different Galaxy S23 Ultra units, Samsung UK explained that some areas of the screen may appear compressed due to the multiple layers of glass that are fused together to provide water and dust resistance.

To summarize, while the lower corners of the screen of the Galaxy S23 Ultra may appear to indicate a defect, this is not the case in reality. In most instances, the issue is so minor that it is difficult to detect without close scrutiny or a light source Many users do not find it bothersome either. In fact, this occurrence is a common phenomenon among Samsung phones, and the company has a dedicated webpage that clarifies that the stacked lines visible on the screen are not indicative of a product flaw. The display is composed of numerous layers of components that are compressed to provide water and dust resistance, and the distortion of light can create the illusion of a distorted display.

Here is the official Samsung response on the issue: “The display panel is composed of many layers of components, including surface tempered glass, which is directly covered on the display panel. It adopts a waterproof/dustproof structural design, which can effectively prevent the intrusion of foreign objects or liquids. All Samsung products have passed strict internal quality inspections. The display panel is a component composed of multiple components (surface tempered glass, dustproof, waterproof layer…),Under strong light, lines after refraction of light may be seen at certain angles. This is a normal phenomenon and does not affect the function and life of the product, please feel free to use it. “

None of the users have reported facing any issues with the phone’s performance, its camera, or any other aspects of it.