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Apple iPhone exclusive VR headset Bridge coming soon

The new Bridge virtual reality headset will be to the iPhone what the Samsung VR headset is to its high-end Galaxy handsets. Built by the San Francisco-based AR and VR start up – Occipital, the new Bridge will be an iPhone exclusive and is designed to mate with the iPhone 6, 6s and the iPhone 7.

With there being several VR options for Android in the form of the Samsung Galaxy Gear or the Google Cardboard, the new bridge fills up a distinct void that has been all too evident so far – a VR headset that is compatible with the iPhone. And the Bridge also does a job mighty well considering that it also introduces a bit of augmented reality concept as well, something that has been referred to as mixed reality.

As Occipital explained, there is a reason they have named the headset Bridge given that it acts to connect the two worlds of reality and fantasy. Put in simple words, this applies to the way virtual characters can be made to enter our real worlds, thereby enhancing the VR experience all the more. This also makes the entire experience so very realistic.

Aiding in its VR capabilities is the Structure Sensor that sits atop the main headset unit. Then there also is the wide angle lens adapter that expands the scope of the standard iPhone camera significantly.

The Structure Sensor relies on infrared beams to create a virtual graph of the surrounding, including the distance of the object right in the path of the user. This way, user will be able to walk around the room without the fear of ramming against the wall and such, something that is not possible with the Samsung VR.

Occipital also stated they have developed whole new software to make the most of the headset’s VR capabilities. Named Bridge Engine, the software will enable developers to come up with exciting new that will allow for new innovative levels of iPhone VR experiences.

The Bridge is also quite competitively priced too, with the basic headset coming for $399 which is inclusive of the sensor structure. The headset alone will set one back $279. Expected release date is around March 2017 while pre-orders are already being accepted.