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Google Pixel audio cracking at highest volume setting

Google’s Pixel range of mobiles is supposed to be the ultimate representation of the company’s mobile efforts. Both the Pixel and Pixel XL are also great mobile devices in their own right, except for a nagging glitch – audio distortion at the highest volume setting.

It is not that the Pixel duo has had a flawless run since its launch though the latest issue that has cropped up has to do with its audio capabilities. However, it is not happening to everyone or at all times.

Rather, it is a few apps that seem to be playing spoilsport with the Pixel’s audio when the volume is set at its max. Also, it is certain frequencies that seem to be the culprit. It is a popping or a crackling sort of a noise that a user reported of at the Google Product Forum.

The problem is also isn’t restricted to the speaker of the mobile but is evident when using a headphone as well. Another user reported at the Google Product Forum of having encountered the same issue when using his noise cancellation headphones as well.

All of this does point to the issue being of a software origin rather than having anything to do with the hardware itself. Google though hasn’t yet confirmed if it is a hardware or software issues that has emerged as the latest bane of the Android flagship, before adding they are still investigating the issue.

Fortunately for us, while Google has acknowledged of being aware of the issue, it isn’t revealing by when the solution would be available.

A particular Reddit user who goes by the name ‘bad mark’ said he got his Pixel replaced four times in a row, but the problem still persists. 9to5 Google member Ben Schoon and Justin Duino was able to reproduce the issue when playing the trailer of ‘The Mummy’ on YouTube.

In another YouTube video, a user demonstrated the issue when playing a piano app on the Pixel device. The crackling noise is all too evident though the same isn’t there on other handsets such as the Samsung Note 5 or even the latest Moto G4. Even the Nexus 6 and Nexus 7 tablet fared far better.