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Google Pixel problems: getting locked randomly, freezing, audio cracking & more

Google’s Pixel smartphones are in the news again though unfortunately for all the wrong reasons. This time, users complained of their smartphone’s tendency to freeze randomly, an issue of which Google too does not seem to have any solution to.

Some of the users also reported of the navigation buttons disappearing as well only to return after a couple of seconds. Some users said their Pixel handset would freeze several times a day while a few reported the freezing would recur after every 4 to 9 hours.

There already is a deluge of posts to this effect in the Google support forum seeking a redressal to the annoying issue. However, while Google is all too aware of the latest problem to dog its flagship mobile, a definitive solution continues to be elusive.

Discussion in the forum did reveal the third-party app Life360 could be the culprit. It is a family locator application and uninstalling the same solved the freezing problem for many. However, there are also those who claim their Pixel handset continues to freeze even when they have never had the Life360 app installed on their devices.

Google, on its part, is advocating a series of measures that it believes could work. Those include restarting the device besides also ensuring all the latest updates have been installed, the usual steps that are resorted to first whenever there are any software issues with our mobile devices.

Google meanwhile is also advocating resetting the device to the factory setting though this erases all data stored in the mobile. Google however hasn’t stated if they are working on a software fix to solve the problem.

Google Pixel audio cracking at highest volume setting

The latest freezing problem also happens to be the latest in a series of issues that have plagued the flagship Android handset from Google. It was only recently that several Pixel owners reported of their Pixel’s audio cracking when the volume is set to maximum.

Prior to these, Pixel owners have reported of issues with the display of the handset while there have also been problems with the dual camera as well.