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How to convert the prospective buyers into real buyers on an ecommerce platform?

When you have an online store or an e-commerce store, the main concentration will be to convert the prospective traffic into real customers. Many people ask what conversion rate optimization means. Well, it is a process wherein people get motivated to purchase the product from the online store. With the Shopify conversion rate optimization guidelines you will know from scratch as to how to initiate the task. There will be a website traffic visiting your website. But when you want to convert most of them into the purchaser of your products then it is called as conversion. You will have to take up trial and error and with that you will know which the best optimization strategies for making quick conversions are. Read on and understand how you can make your store optimized in a better way.

The best guidelines that will help in optimizing the store for better conversion rates.

  1. Make a simple yet elegant homepage.

It truly matters the most that how you want to make the home page. The home page of the store is something that will attract the people. This page will attract most of the traffic and hence the conversion rate will be good, of the page is optimized nicely. But you need to make the page elegant and simple. The page should have a very good design and there should be some appealing messages too.

  1. Provide coupon codes

When the customers get on the website there should be best deals and coupon codes that will attract him further so that there will be a quick conversion depending upon the offers and discounts. You will see that often these strategies will help in real time purchases. You will be able to see the transaction live.

  1. Get recommendation

If you have testimonials on the website then it will be a good way to provide you the guidance about the product and the company. When there are options and reviews, the website will get a recommendation and when the buyers read the testimonials, they become clear about the kind of purchases they can make from the place.

  1. Add Instagram feed.

It is important that the website can have Instagram feed. When you equip the website with the Instagram feed then there will be better options that the purchases and prospective can see on the site. With the attractive pictures, there will be good fan following for your products. Apart from that, it is also crucial to note that while posting the pictures on your ecommerce website, you must use high quality and professional pictures.

  1. If some carts have been abandoned then the same should be mentioned in mails.

If you come across an abandoned cart then you can send an email for the same to provide information. This strategy is also good and it will work as a reminder that the cart has to be updated.

Apart from the above guidelines, if there are free shipping policies then it will provide a good potential to buy. There will be quick conversion in that case. Also, there should be proper details about how the refund policy is and how the money should be refunded.


It is important to understand the shopify or ecommerce website will have better conversions, if the above mentioned guidelines are followed. So, if you are planning to get the best results then get ahead with these amazing solutions. The above guidelines will give you the right avenues to mark things in such a way that there are best solutions available.