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Apple iPad Pro 2: Can it bring the tablet craze back?

Having already seen the iPhone 7 and the MacBook, the next Apple device in line for a launch is the new iPad Pro 2. And from what we have known of the upcoming iOS tablet so far, what seems a certainty is that the new Pro 2 will be a game changer in its segment.

Mentioned here are the trends being associated with the Pro 2 that can make the device stand out not only from the tablet crowd but even its own peers.


Apple could be attempting something radical here with rumor doing the rounds is that the iconic home button that has been a constant feature of every iOS device since their inception might finally be junked. Instead, the front will be all glass, with very thin bezels all round. However, there is going to be some width at the top to allow the fitment of the FaceTime camera.

Another advantage to having an entirely glass at the front is that there can be a bigger display fitted onto a smaller chassis. That way, one can have all the advantage of a portable device without compromising on the screen real estate.

Among the other rumors here is that the Pro 2 will be a tad thicker than the current 9.7-inch iPad Pro. Further, the headphone jack that Apple had so famously omitted from the iPhone 7 (and drawn some flak for it as well) will be present on the Pro 2, as will be the quad speaker arrangement.


Powering the new Pro 2 will be the more powerful A10X chip, which will have more processing punch while sipping less of battery juice. Both the 9.7-inch iPad pro and 12.9-inch iPad Pro makes do with the A9X chip, which makes the rumors of the A10X chip making a debut on the Pro 2 hardly surprising.

No word yet if the RAM too will be beefed up though chances are that the internal storage size might be rejigged a bit. For instance, a new higher 512 GB variant might be introduced while the base 32 GB could be on the way out.


With rumors claiming the new Pro 2 likely to be launched around March 2017 (9.7-inch iPad was launched on March 21, 2016, while the 12.9-inch iPad Pro was introduced on November 2015), the device would still be running iOS 10 out of the box. As such, there is going to be no surprises here and will behave just the same as the current iPad versions.

The earliest that Apple would be launching the next iteration of iOS will be during the WWDC event that happens in June.

And there is no reason to believe Apple would be delaying the launch of the Pro 2 that long after it had launched the first generation Pro back in Nov 2015.

Overall, the iPad Pro 2 will no doubt be a power packed offering that can make consumers to look at the tablet from a whole new perspective.

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