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Google Pixel 7a mid-range phone photos and specs leaked online

According to the latest leak, we may get to see the Google Pixel 7a before the arrival of the Google Pixel 8 later this year. Debayan Roy on Twitter has shared some real-world photos of the handset, along with some specs. Though not a very prominent tipster, Roy has provided accurate information on smartphones in the past.

The leaked photos show the expected design of the Google Pixel 7a, with a cut-out for the front camera at the top of the display and the Pixel camera bar on the back. Essentially, the device looks exactly as we would expect.

In terms of specifications, Roy mentions a 6.1-inch FHD+ (1080 x 2400 pixels) 90 Hz OLED screen, which is similar to the Google Pixel 6a, except for the upgrade to 90 Hz. This higher refresh rate should provide smoother scrolling and animations.

The device is said to feature a Tensor G2 processor, and the rear camera is rumored to be a dual-lens 64 MP + 12 MP setup. The leak also mentions the inclusion of 5W wireless charging, which is a first for the mid-range Pixel line, though not particularly fast.

No information on the launch date has been provided in the leak, but last year’s Pixel 6a was unveiled at Google IO 2022. Given that this year’s developer conference is scheduled for May 10, it seems reasonable to assume that the Pixel 7a may make an appearance then.