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How workplace health checks benefit its employees and the business

It’s the end of your working week and you head home ready to have some fun. You are meeting your friends tonight before meeting your boyfriend tomorrow who is treating you to a meal at your favourite restaurant, the romantic devil!

Nothing could be much better, as you are employed by a company where you started straight after education. You enjoy your job and see yourself remaining there for many years to come as it’s somewhere that values its employees, the latest evidence of which has been the introduction of workplace health checks.

You have friends who work elsewhere and say that their employers seem to take them for granted and are envious when you tell them all about where you work. You have already explained about the excellent employee prevention program that has helped you no end in preventing strains while working at the desk, as well as the flu vaccination that you received so that you remain healthy to attend work when many others fall to the virus.

Now the workplace health checks merely reaffirm what you already knew. You work for a caring company that puts collaboration high on its charter and wants its employees to be onsite and fully engaged. Of course, there are two sides to the coin, as they know that if they have a full team in attendance, they can work and produce to the max, which leads to customer satisfaction, a higher turnover, and increased profits. You are very much in favour as it secures your job, and you are rewarded with incentives and salary increases. You feel like a valued member of the team, as you have provided ways to prevent a data breach in your company.

Not that it is necessary with the healthcare specialists that your bosses have engaged with who value the importance of data security. You were concerned about a blemish on your skin, so having it checked has offered you a peace of mind, as you know that Australia has one of the highest rates of melanoma in the world.

The professional team that came to your workplace couldn’t have been more organized or helpful. They offered promotional material and gave you advice on skin health. You knew that if there was an early detection of melanoma you have nearly a 100% chance of survival. This will allow you to get out and stay fit enjoying a bike ride with the family.

You knew that your checked would be carried out by the very best in that field, with your health check team being in partnership with the highest quality skin cancer specialists who provide a dermatologist and melanographer for every single check. The system used was state-of-the-art technology which offered a 98.9% accuracy reading, and you were absolutely delighted that your tests showed that you had nothing to worry about.

You are delighted to work for a company that carries out workplace health checks and wished the place where your friends worked would introduce the practice.