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Samsung Galaxy Note 8: All that is known of the phablet so far

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 could easily have been the biggest hits of 2016 if only it had a flawless run in the market. However, now that the infamous incident is already behind us, what is heartening to know is that the company isn’t killing the Note series altogether. Instead, it is a whole new Note 8 that is likely to come our way, one that presumably will redefine what we know of the phablet altogether.

No wonder, the tech speculators, and rumor machines have gone hyper as they attempt to create the most realistic take on the upcoming phablet. Mentioned here are all that they believe the new Note 8 will be like.

First off is the size. And speculators believe the new Note 8 will have nothing less than a 5.7-inch display. That is massive but isn’t phablet meant to be like that.

Further, display size could just be one thing if it isn’t illuminated in the right manner. And Samsung has always been known to be generous with the pixel count. There already is a steady rumor stream claiming the next Note device will be sporting a 4K display. Those propagating this line of thought claim the switch to 4K resolution won’t just be to win the pixel war but to also make the Note 8 more worthy for VR consumption.

Thereafter, there also are enough reasons to believe the Note 8 will come powered by nothing less than the Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 since that’s the latest and also the fastest that Samsung will have to equip its newest Note device. Sure there will also be a version based on its own Exynos 8895 chipset as well for sale in specific regions.

As for system memory, rumor has it that the Note 8 will have six gigs of it, up from the 4 GB that the ill-fated Note 7 came with. That still might be a few less than the Asus ZenFone AR that saw a launch at CES 2017 and comes with all of 8 GB of it. Still, 6 GB of RAM should be more than enough for even the most processor intensive tasks. On-board storage should be no less than 128 GB with perhaps the provision to double the same using micro-SD cards.

A few of the Note 7’s more popular features might also be carried over to its successor. Those include the fingerprint and iris scanner for better security. Then there also is the heart rate monitor that too is likely to be retained in the Note 7. The humble stylus too might be up for an upgrade with some claiming there could be a speaker included in it this time. That said, those will be too tiny for any real-time entertainment and could only be used to make the user aware of incoming notifications and such.

Then of course Samsung will be playing it doubly safe when it comes to batteries, and there are rumors those will be sourced from domestic rivals LG this time. There is no word yet if it will be of 3500mAh as was seen on the Note 7. Running the entire show will be the latest Android 7.0 Nougat, with perhaps a more advanced AI assistant making its debut as well.

Overall, Samsung will have to reinvent its Note series all over again to regain the consumer confidence it once enjoyed. And it does seem the company is well on to it.