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Game Mode and Themes coming to Windows 10 Creators Update later this year

The mysterious ‘Game Mode’ setting that made its debut in preview build 15007 finally has an official explanation with Microsoft claiming its intended purpose is to ensure an enhanced gaming experience.

As it is already discernible, the Game Mode setting, when invoked, will adjust CPU and GPU resources so that the game currently being played gets adequate hardware support with respect to other background apps. This way, even the standard Windows 10 PCs would be transformed into a gaming console with games getting maximum system support when played.

Last month, the Windows 10 Game Mode was reported though it’s only now that Microsoft has finally confirmed what many believe the setting is meant for. This also marks a renewed push on part of the software giant towards promoting Windows 10 Gaming.

Microsoft had earlier launched Xbox Play Anywhere program that lifted any device restriction for playing games on the Windows 10 platform. In other words, a game once bought could be played on the Xbox One or Windows 10 PC without requiring extra fees.

Microsoft’s Xbox chief Mike Ybarra though made it clear the Game Mode right now is dysfunctional but will slowly be provided with a few visual developments soon in forthcoming Insider builds. This will be followed up with a more matured version in the subsequent builds, leading to the formal launch in the Creators Update due out in spring.

The Game Mode apart, the other interesting aspect to look forward to with the upcoming Creators Update is ‘Themes.’ It has only been post the release of Build 15007 that Microsoft confirmed their approach with themes, with it all set to be available from Windows Store soon. The Windows 10 themes, when introduced, will comprise of both free and paid versions.

The themes right now aren’t functional on Build 15007 given that the version is still far from being bug-free. However, as Dona Sarkar who heads the Insider program clarified, they are working on the bugs and that an improved preview build will soon be available.