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Samsung blames batteries for Note 7 failures, LG rules out any chances of its G6 getting overheated

Samsung finally has an answer as to what led to several of its flagship Note 7 devices catching fire last year – faulty battery design.

The South Korean conglomerate was always required to make its record straight by coming up with a credible explanation as to what led to its Note 7 devices catching fire. Widely reported as one of the biggest debacles the tech world has ever seen, the Note 7 was off to a solid start and could have easily otherwise qualified as one of the best smartphone devices released in recent times.

The revelation of the cause of the Note 7 devices catching fire also could not have come at a better time when Samsung is busy in preparing the ground for the launch of its 2017 flagship, the Galaxy S8. And without any convincing reason to justify the unexpected fires, there sure would have been an adverse impact on the prospects of the S8, not to mention that of the Note 8 as well.

That said, Samsung was expected to officially announce the outcome of its investigation on Jan. 23 just prior to its Q4 earning call which is scheduled on Jan. 24. The company though should be least worried of the leak as not only investors but its loyalists too are eager to know as to what could have gone wrong with Note 7, or how the company wishes to prevent a repeat of the same.

Samsung earlier has been forced to scrap the Note 7 entirely even after the replacement batteries it provided was also found to be prone to catch fire. With the entire fiasco costing the company close to $5.2 billion, Samsung, of course, has to be doubly sure to ensure its future smartphone range does not have to suffer in the aftermath.

LG meanwhile has chosen to cash in on Samsung’s woes by claiming their upcoming flagship, and the G6 will have enough technological safeguard in place to prevent them from getting overheated. The Samsung rival also stated they would be adopting enough design changes in the G6 to rule out chances of those catching fire.

For instance, those components that tend to get heated will be placed farthest apart to prevent heat from being concentrated at any one point. Further, there also will be copper pipes in place to ensure quicker dissipation of heat.

LG is expected to launch its 2017 flagship smartphone, the G6 at the upcoming Mobile World Congress in February.