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Xbox Scorpio can be the game-changer in the Great Console Wars

Microsoft had already stated their upcoming Project Scorpio gaming console would be the most powerful they have ever come up with. And it is already turning out to be so given the bits and pieces that have emerged of the upcoming console so far.

For instance, the Xbox Scorpio is touted to come with a GPU that will have at least 6 Teraflops while the CPU too will have 8 cores, both of which does make the Xbox One successor a mean speed monster. That is not all as the new console also boasts of a memory bandwidth of a staggering 320 GB/s.

Word on the street has it that the Xbox Scorpio will also be VR ready right out of the box. The current Xbox iterations already are 4K compatible though with VR in the loop as well, the Scorpio can well be the game-changer in the console wars. With PlayStation 4 having almost entirely dominated Xbox One so far as sales are concerned, it will be interesting to see how Sony responds to the Scorpio challenge.

Phil Spencer who heads the Xbox division recently tweeted having played his first games on the Scorpio, an experience which he described as simply great. Spencer, however, didn’t reveal what game he played, or if there would be new titles announced to match up to the awesome capabilities that the Scorpio seems to pack in.

Also not known is whether there would be new Xbox Scorpio specific gaming titles that would accompany the launch of the console. The actual launch schedule too remains a mystery though Microsoft had traditionally stuck to the pre-holidays season to launch its new consoles. That makes a launch during November the most probable.

Post-Xbox One, Microsoft had launched the Xbox One S that came as a more refined version of its predecessor while boasting of a slight increment in performance. It can also be considered as a stop-gap measure before the vastly improved Scorpio takes over.

As for the expected price, Microsoft is expected to play it really hard by pricing the new console at a lucrative $399. In fact, there could be entry-level versions introduced that might come at an even lower price bracket. The onus, no doubt will be on Sony to deliver something better at an even lower price point.