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Google Pixel 2 Rumor Roundup: iPhone killer is here

Google came mighty close to delivering the ultimate smartphone experience with the Pixel, which, save for a few niggling issues can still compete with the best out there. That can make one feel its makers have very little room to innovate and improve though there already are strong rumors of Google striving to make the Pixel experience even better.

Details are scarce at the moment though we do know a few areas where Google might be attempting to make the Pixel even more of a complete device.

Braving the elements: While Sony has been onto it, offering efficient water and dust proofing to its top-end models, this is something that has really caught on with the other manufacturers of late, including even Apple.

So it would perhaps be safe to assume the next Pixel too will be rugged enough to survive getting drenched.

Samsung too has made waterproofing a key element of its smartphone range that stretch to even a few of its mid-range models as well. Rumor has it that Google too will make waterproofing a standard feature in the future Pixel version as well.

Camera: The Pixel is right up there when it comes to camera performance of not only the Android flagship range but can compete with the iPhone 7 as well. Yet, there are rumors Google is hard at work to make it even better.

Unfortunately, the exact details are missing here though there might be a bigger sensor this time. Google, its believed, isn’t too concerned on bumping on the megapixel count. Instead, the focus could be to make available a host of other features. However, we will have to wait to see what the extra features are going to be.

More versions at different price points: Currently, the Pixel is available in two flavors, the base Pixel, and the Pixel XL that retail for $649 and $769 respectively. Those aren’t cheap exactly even though the figures match well with the other flagship offerings.

But then again, it also runs contrary to the basic Google policy of drawing in more to use their services even if it means making available the service for free. So there are chances Google might launch a cheaper version this time, one with perhaps a smaller storage but more importantly, at a lower price point. This shouldn’t hurt much considering that data these days gets stored in the cloud, making huge local storage quite unnecessary.

Many also believe a slightly scaled down version of the Pixel can’t be ruled out either. This will also allow Google to be even more flexible with the price while allowing a wider market to have access to Pixel.

Zero-bezel display: Pixel no doubt is a great smartphone, but it still has that conventional look to its thanks to the presence of bezel all round, howsoever thin those may be along the sides. However, the trend has shifted to bezel-less displays and Google would risk getting branded not being innovative enough if the next Pixel device does not feature a zero-bezel display.

Then there also are the usual increments that we always expect in every new iteration of a smartphone. Those include even more power to boot along with a longer lasting battery. We sure will get to know more if these are indeed what Google is lining up on the new Pixel.