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Apple’s anniversary iPhone X might breach the $1000 mark, have edge-to-edge OLED panel

Apple will no doubt have something special to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its iPhone line though analysts also point out that could boil down to launching a new top-of-the-line handset priced over 00.

While that would clearly be a new high for any iPhone variant to be priced so far, current top-end 256 GB iPhone sporting a 9 price tag isn’t too far off either.

Still, Apple will have to justify the record price, and that is likely to be in the form of an OLED display. Apart from the display technology, the other aspect that too might set the iPhone 8 or X apart from its predecessors is the front end which could be dominated entirely by the display.

Xiaomi has already shown it isn’t impossible with its Mi Mix concept device and Apple just has to do it its own way.

While such an iPhone will surely be befitting of its 10th-anniversary status, there is some ambiguity though so far as the size of the display is concerned. While some are of the view that the iPhone X or iPhone 8 will sport a 5.

8-inch display, there are also those who believe the special edition version will sport a curved display measuring around 5.2-inch at the most.

In any case, an entire front end made up of an OLED screen will also entail some major realignment of several key features. Those include the FaceTime camera, fingerprint sensor or the earpiece which Apple has to pack in underneath the screen to allow for a true edge-to-edge packaging.

A memory upgrade with respect to the current iPhone 7 is also in the cards though here again there is confusion if that refers to higher RAM or bigger native storage. The current iPhone 7 range tops out at 256 GB, and it remains to be seen if that is upgraded to 512 GB in the iPhone 8.

These apart, the upcoming iPhone are also rumored to have a glass back while the sides will be made of forged steel. The rear dual lens cam will also be carried over though it might be upgraded to offer better quality pictures.

Meanwhile, the new high-end iPhone will also be accompanied by successors to the regular 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhone devices as well. However, those are still likely to continue with regular LCD panels. This if true will be a clever strategy to drive up demand for the anniversary iPhone X with an OLED panel, a key display technology that has always been available in competing devices such as the S7 or the Note 7 for long.