Home Technology Apple’s new Beats X earbuds finally up for sale for $149.95

Apple’s new Beats X earbuds finally up for sale for $149.95

Apple’s much delayed Beats X wireless earbuds are finally here, and it is not alone as the ear pieces come bundled with three months of free Apple Music subscription as well.

Whether or not that is an attempt to nullify the slightly higher $149.95 price tag of the ear pieces or to make up for the delay is not known, though.

The $149.95 price tag of the Beats X earbuds also makes them just $10 less than the Apple AirPods, which in turn makes them competitors rather than alternatives. However, the offer makes sense for those who are already subscribed to Apple Music, and the new Beats X can provide them music listening pleasure for three months for free.

As per the Beats X Apple Music promotion, the offer is only available to individual subscribers, which entails for a savings of $30 at the most. Individual subscription rates for Apple Music stands at $9.99 per month while the same for families comes to $14.99 per month. The rate is halved to just $4.99 per month for students.

To avail the offer, buyers will have to register their purchase of the Beats X earbuds at the official Beats website. This will generate a promo code which buyers can use to have access to Apple Music for the three month period.

As for the ear pieces, the Beats X comes in four color options of black, white, gray, and blue to pair with your iPhone device. That said, the ear buds, unlike the AirPods are just as compliant with Android devices as well.

It also is wired and hence aren’t as prone to lose as the AirPods.

The Beats X, however, relies on the same W1 chip as is used in the AirPods for their quick-pairing feature. The Beats X also offers more battery life – 8 hours – compared to the 5 hours that the AirPods are capable of.

Apple had earlier announced the Beats X earbuds last September along with the iPhone 7 and was expected to be available during the subsequent months. However, it finally made it to the shop floors on Feb 10 – with the delay being attributed to the few more months Apple took to launch its AirPods.