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Amazon Chime offers a new gen video and voice calling solution to business customers

Amazon Web Services has come up with a new video conferencing tool named Chime which experts believe is aimed directly at the segment that currently is dominated by the likes of Skype for Business. Also likely to feel the heat is Hangouts that Google makes available as part of its G Suite package.

The new service offers everything that one is likely to expect to make online meetings simpler. That includes the usual stuff such as voice and video calling, chatting, and screen sharing.

Amazon though stated they differ from the rest thanks to their simplistic functionality and user interface. For instance, users won’t be required to type a pin to join a call.

Amazon stated their Chime application will not only deliver superior quality audio and video, but their service will also negate the need to switch between tools that otherwise is needed during a business meeting.

Chime’s roots can, however, be traced to Biba, the San Francisco-based company that specializes in developing chat, audio, and video calling tools for businesses. Amazon had acquired Biba last fall. The Biba official site too carries the message of Amazon Chime being their newest avatar.

Amazon is also looking for maximum possible market penetration with compatible apps launched on all platforms such as Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. A chime will be available in three flavors to suit different customer requirements.

For instance, there is the basic version which comes for free and allows up to two people to engage in video chatting. Next up is the Chime Plus which comes for a monthly subscription of $2.5 and offers screen sharing besides the ability to store up to 1 GB worth of messages. The Plus version also allows for user management and access to business directories.

The Chime Pro happens to be the most advanced iteration and offers screen sharing option, besides allowing for video conferencing involving up to 100 users. Pro subscribers can also look forward to unlimited VoIP service, all of which comes for a monthly rental of $15.