Home Technology WhatsApp presents Snapchat’s Stories as ‘WhatsApp Status’

WhatsApp presents Snapchat’s Stories as ‘WhatsApp Status’

WhatsApp is turning out to be a happy hunting ground for Facebook or its subsidiaries. It has been around six months that Instagram had copied one of Snapchat’s signature features – Stories to launch Instagram Stories. Now it is the turn of WhatsApp to do the same.

WhatsApp though stated they would be integrating Stories features into their service in their own way, which is the usual stuff that copiers generally use to justify their act. For instance, the ‘Stories’ will be made part of WhatsApp’s Status feature instead of being added as an entirely new feature.

That way, the addition of the ‘Stories’ feature can easily be passed off as an enhancement of WhatsApp’s own Status Update feature. This, in turn, will let users to post images or videos which will remain in vogue for 24-hours before they disappear. WhatsApp also stated the Stores too will be part of their end-to-end encryption initiative, which means like stories, once they are gone are gone forever.

Other ways WhatsApp intends to make their version of the Stories concept unique is the ability for users to share GIFs as well. Also, the videos can be as long as 45 secs instead of the 10 sec limit that Snapchat or Instagram imposes. Then, of course, there are the usual options to spruce up your videos or photos using emojis, texts and such.

That is not all as the Status update will only be available to those that populate your contact list. This is unlike other platforms where Stories are visible to even those followers that you may not even know. You can also be rest assured none of your photos or videos will ever be viewed by anyone other than the intended recipient.

The integration of the Stories features also marks a new turn in WhatsApp’s transition from an app that offered just basic messaging services to one that offers a media-rich experience. It had earlier introduced video calling as well as the popular stickers feature which happens to be another Snapchat specialty.

In other news, WhatsApp has also appointed new COO which indicates their intention of monetizing their platform.