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iOS 10.2.1 update fixes iPhone 6, 6S shutdown issue

The annoying iPhone battery bug issue that has been causing many iPhone devices to shut down randomly has finally been taken care of. Interestingly, it was the iOS 10.2.1 update released on January 23 that contained the remedial codes to the issue though Apple is making it public only now.

That does make for a pleasant surprise, more so for those who have actually been at the receiving end, whose number Apple said has dwindled by more than 80 percent on iPhone 6S and 70 percent on iPhone 6 device. For the record, it was iPhone 6, 6S, 6 Plus and 6s Plus devices that were found to have a tendency to shutdown unexpectedly. The devices were then required to be plugged on to a power source to bring them back to life.

Apple also stated the latest iOS update also made it possible for the affected devices to be able to restart on their own without requiring to be connected to a power source. That sure makes for a nice touch as owners are saved from having to scout for a power outlet which isn’t always accessible say, while traveling. However, while iOS 10.2.1 allows iPhone 6 and 6s to restart automatically, the same will be introduced to iPhone 6 Plus and 6S plus via iOS update 10.3.

The bug also seems to affect only older iPhone models whose batteries have already been worn down. This, in turn, is causing them to deliver power in an uneven manner, thereby forcing the device to go for an automatic emergency shutdown. Apple had never acknowledged the issue until now. There have been no known instances of iPhone 7 being affected by the issue so far.

Apple meanwhile also stated they would be adding a new battery info section to iOS 10.2.1. This will provide all the relevant battery related information to the user, including a message if the battery isn’t performing to the optimum and needs a replacement.

The Cupertino company also stated they have been collecting user statistics to be sure if the fix is indeed working. The latest update, iOS 10.2.1 has already been installed on over 50 percent of devices. For those who haven’t yet upgraded are advised to do so at the earliest.