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Google Pixel 2 likely to be priced more than Pixel

Here is a good news and bad news combo with regards to the Google Pixel smartphone. To start with the good one first, Google will be making a successor to it. The confirmation to this effect comes from none other than the senior vice president of hardware – Rick Osterloh who announced the company’s plans to launch Pixel 2 during the MWC event.

There is no word though on when the Pixel 2 will be ready to storm markets.

However, while that will be sweet like honey to those who swear by the Pixel, what might piss off many is another confirmation from Osterloh who said the Pixel will continue to be a premium offering. That rules out a price cut for the handset while improving chances to the contrary, of Pixel 2 being even costlier.

The above however tallies well with the international trend as both the Galaxy S8 and iPhone 8 are expected to see a hike in their prices. With the Pixel matching up to the prices of the year 2016 flagships from both Samsung and Apple, it does make sense for Google to also increase the price of the Pixel 2 as well.

This again will no doubt be a dampener for those who have come to identify themselves with Google’s erstwhile Nexus range of smartphones that offered flagship-like feel but at a much cheaper price point. That is also what Google has always come to stand for, that of launching products and services that have a mass appeal. And the new Pixel, while being brilliant in its own right, is surely not aimed at the masses.

Google had earlier run a program that invited Pixel fans and other enthusiasts to suggest ways at improving the Pixel experience. While that too had been a sign of there being a successor in the making, what has come as a bit of a surprise is the company’s adherence to the premium positioning.

Google meanwhile is expected to incorporate a few improvements in its forthcoming Pixel 2 handset with respect to the current model. That includes even slimmer side bezels while the same along the top and bottom too will further add to the mobile’s looks. Waterproofing too is another aspect that many a Pixel fan will look forward to in the future handset.

Google also is rumored to be working on an even better camera for the Pixel 2. The current Pixel is already acclaimed for its brilliant camera and an improvement to it will no doubt add to the smartphone’s appeal all the more.