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Google Home found propagating false conspiracy theories

The fake news issue that had tarnished the image of Facebook is now back to haunt Google. What should be even more alarming is the fact that the issue is back in the news in spite of what Google claimed as concerted efforts on their part to achieve just the opposite, that of stamping out fake news.

All of which started when someone asked Google Home if Obama is planning a coup.

The answer couldn’t have been weirder when the device answered back claiming not only is the former US president planning a coup towards the end of his term in 2016 but is doing so in connivance with the communists.

The particular piece of news was drawn from the sites TheOutline.com and Searchengineland when the query was posed via Google’s search function named ‘Featured Snippets.’ Fortunately, the search giant acted promptly after the issue was brought to their notice. What is distressing though is that the fake news managed to sneak past what Google claimed is a revamped search algorithm that has been tweaked specifically to filter out the false and misleading news.

Google also sought to remind users of the role they can play in curbing the menace of fake news. Doing so is easy as they just have to click on the feedback link below to flag the issue.

Worth mentioning, the world is already well aware of how much of an impact that fake news can have on the society at large after how the same flooded Facebook’s news stream during the run-up to the US presidential elections. Not surprisingly, Trump is believed to have gained an undue advantage due to the fake news issue.

Google meanwhile stated they already have teamed up with Facebook in devising ways to prevent false information from spreading through their medium. This again has assumed importance owing to the upcoming elections in France and Germany both of which are slated to go to polls soon.

Another blunder here and the credibility of both Google and Facebook will no doubt be seriously hit.