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Secret Tinder service, Tinder Select caters to the rich and beautiful

It is like you hit upon a secret door that leads to another chamber that you never knew existed. The reference here is to the popular dating app Tinder along with the secretive Tinder Select service that has been operating for months now with none having an inkling of its existence, until now.

The reason Tinder Select could operate for months and still managed to remain in the shadows is that it has been strictly an invite-only affair. What’s apparent is that it is only the high-n-mighty of the society that got invited to the exclusive club. That made it a small group of people who are using the service, which again ensured not many know it has been there all along.

Also, from what is known of the service, those who have been invited to join Tinder Select can also refer a few of their friends to join as well. However, the friends thus invited are barred from sending out further invitations, which is another reason the service continues to be so exclusive.

Those who enjoy the added privilege of being Tinder Select members are however open to being part of the greater Tinder family. So those who aren’t getting what they are looking for at Tinder Select can always revert back to Tinder. This seems obvious given the small user base of Tinder Select that no doubt will limit available options.

Tinder continues to remain hush-hush with its ‘Select’ approach, which again is an indication of the service remaining secret for the foreseeable future as well. That said, the coveted club won’t flourish either until there are a lot of people using it.

What is also not known as to what criterion can make one eligible to be part of Tinder Select. Maybe one has to have at least one if not more of these qualities, being exceptionally rich, famous, attractive and successful in life. For the lesser mortals, there is always Tinder.