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Samsung Galaxy S8 launch pushed back to April 28

The upcoming newest wonder device from Samsung – the Galaxy S8 could take a bit longer to reach markets. For as per the latest that rumor mills have on this, it could be April 28 for the handset to make its market debut instead of April 21 as was speculated earlier.

That the rumor has its origin in the usually dependable Evan Blass also means this isn’t the sort of thing that you can shrug off easily. Fortunately, the delay isn’t anything that can upset well-set plans by a huge margin. The S8’s launch schedule though remains unchanged, which means its March 29 that the device will get to see the light of day.

Post that, it is almost a month’s time before the first Galaxy S8 devices start trickling into consumer’s hands. This also runs contrary to the approach that Samsung had adopted with Galaxy S7; that of going for a market launch soon after the device is formally unveiled. The 2016 flagship was announced on 21 February 2016 and made it to the store shelves on March 11 itself.

The quick availability is one reason that experts believe contributed to the stupendous success of the S7, apart from the brilliance the device itself exuded. The Galaxy S7 also went on to script a sales success of its own though things turned sour with the surprise Note 7 fiasco that quickly turned the tables against the South Korean conglomerate.

Also, while Samsung will no doubt like to see the Galaxy S8 sail through unhindered, the delay of just around a week can’t be seen as anything too alarming. This isn’t likely an indication of something gross that might have gone wrong with S8 at the last moment. Rather, its inventory management that could be the likely reason for the delay or anything of its sort.

Galaxy S8 design confirmed after official teaser and leaks

Meanwhile, the world is already waiting with bated breath for what is inarguably turning out to be the most interesting handset Samsung has come up with in years. The device is touted to come with radical new features and design to match up with the anniversary edition iPhone 8 that Apple too will like to see bring about a galactic shift in the entire smartphone experience.