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Gmail app can now be used to send & receive money in the US[Video]

Sending or receiving money has just been made as simple as sending and receiving emails on your Android phone. In fact, the process has been made integral to the Gmail app on Android so that users can now send or request money in much the same manner as they would attach documents to their emails.

How to send & receive money with Gmail

The process starts by pressing on the paperclip sign, just as you would do when you need to make an attachment to your email. There, two options come up, either to send or receive money. After you have made your choice, enter the amount and select a source for the actual payment. You can also write a note, which will then get attached to the main body of the email.

Thereafter, click send and that is all that you need to do. When you are the receiver, all that you have to do is click on the Claim money option. This will make the fund to collect to your Google Wallet account. However, if you do not have an account at Google Wallet, you need to create one. You also have the option to have your funds transferred to your bank account as well.

Google also stated the entire transaction is free for both the sender and receiver. There is no need to install any app either.


Google has also been allowing monetary transactions via its Gmail web client for a few years already though this marks the first time it has been made part of the Android app itself. In fact, it is quite surprising the search giant took this long to offer in-app monetary transactions, something that the likes of Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, WeChat has been doing for some time already.

Unfortunately, the feature is currently exclusive to the US at the moment. Besides, it is only Android phones that qualify for the transactions via Gmail. No word when the same would be introduced to iOS versions of Gmail. A pan world debut of the feature will also no doubt be keenly awaited though Google is yet to commit to any specific timelines.