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Apple iOS 10.3 update: Introduces lots of exciting new features

Apple has finally rolled out iOS version 10.3, which come across as a major update that introduces some cool new features. Read on to find out what’s in there for you.

Find My AirPod: This works similar to ‘Find My iPhone.’ In fact, it is the ‘Find My iPhone’ app that now will also allow you to trace your AirPods that anyway is so prone to be lost. With the app, you can now make the earbuds to emit a sound so that you can find them. Or if one of the earbuds are lost, you can mute them while the ‘Find My iPhone’ will show the map where it is located. However, the AirPods need to be connected to the iOS device for those to be located accurately.

Apple File System: The latest iOS 10.3 update marks the introduction of company’s new file system named as the Apple File System or APFS. This will be replacing the HFS+ that Apple has been using since 1998. The new APFS is designed for better optimization of flash and SSD memories while ensuring stronger encryption than ever.

Maps update: The Maps application has been spruced up which enables the use of 3D Touch for a new Quick Action. This can be beneficial in ways like tapping the weather icon in the Maps application will let you have the local weather report and such.

iCloud Storage: The update also marks the introduction of a new iCloud tab housed under the Apple ID Settings menu and serves to provide you with a quick snapshot of your cloud storage stats. For instance, you get to know which apps rely on iCloud storage besides showing the settings for Find My iPhone, Keychain, and iCloud Backup.

Apple ID: The Apple ID menu which previously used to be housed under iCloud has now been shifted under the Settings app. The menu otherwise serves as a single point to serve you with all your Apple ID related info such as all the devices that you are logged in at the moment or the device that are logged in to iCloud, iTunes, App Store and Family Sharing.

Siri can now tell Cricket scores: The Apple voice assistant will now be able to relay you with the latest cricket scores. The development is being considered crucial ahead of Apple’s big push in India, a market that the company believes its next round of growth to come from. Not only will International Cricket Council (ICC) tournament scores be shown but Siri will also be able to show scores of the wildly popular Indian Premier League (IPL) matches as well.

Apple iOS 10.3 update can locate lost AirPods just like ‘Finder for AirPods’ app

Wi-Fi calling: The new update 10.3 will enable you to make wireless calls via iCloud. So any device connected to the iCloud such as iMacs, Mac minis, MacBooks, iPads, iPod touches and Apple Watches can now be used to make or receive calls on your iPhone. This does not even need the iPhone to be connected to a Wi-Fi network while the calls too aren’t routed through the handset.