Home Technology Nvidia claims its latest Titan Xp graphics card is the world’s fastest

Nvidia claims its latest Titan Xp graphics card is the world’s fastest

Nvidia announced the launch of its new Titan Xp which will serve as the company’s new highest end graphics card. In fact, the new Titan is not designed to be just another chip offering dollops of computing performance.

Instead, the latest Nvidia flagship graphics card takes things to a new high, setting new levels of computing prowess that was unheard of so far. All of it can be attributed to the Pascal GP102 GPU that it comes with, as does the 3,840 CUDA cores operating at 1.6 GHz that the chip offers.

Memory speed has gone up too – from the 10 GHz of the Titan X of last year to 11.4 GHz this time. Similarly, the Titan Xp also benefits from 12 GB of GDDR5X RAM. On tap is 12 TFLOPS of processing power, enough for Nvidia to term the new XP as the most powerful graphics card the world has ever seen.

Cost wise, all of it comes for $1,200 for the new Xp, which again makes it a lot more cost effective vis-a-vis the Quadro P6000. For comparison’s sake, the Quadro P6000 also features the Pascal GP102 GPU and is priced $5,000.

The graphics card will no doubt provide game developers with more leeway to go for more eye-catching graphics in their game offerings, as well as more complexities. The new graphics card with its enhanced performance credentials will also come in handy for developers eager to tap into the emerging virtual reality and augmented reality segments.

As much as it impresses with its strong performance, the Titan Xp also seems built for the purpose too. Flaunting a futuristic design language, the Xp boasts of a body made of die-cast aluminum that allow for strength without adding weight. Nvidia also stated the Xp relies on vapor chamber cooling technology for effective cooing and steady performance even in persistent high load conditions.