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Say goodbye to Windows Vista and upgrade to Windows 10 now

Microsoft has announced the official support for Windows Vista has come to an end. It means the Windows maker will not be there anymore if you are running Vista and run into any issues. There will be no bug fixes or security patches released either.

The above scenario shouldn’t be seen as anything alarming though given that Windows Vista anyways has been the least popular of all versions of Windows. The total number of Vista users is no more than 1 percent of all desktop operating systems. However, for those who still have the particular Windows version on their devices would do good to upgrade to Windows 10.

As for reasons to upgrade, well there are plenty though security concerns are among the most prominent. With Microsoft withdrawing the extended support for the operating system, any vulnerability that comes to light won’t ever be patched. And there never are any dearth of those who are always on the prowl to make the best of just these situations.

Accompanying Windows Vista to the grave will be Internet Explorer 9. Microsoft has already been trumpeting the launch of its all-new Edge browser carrying forward all the good qualities of IE9, besides adding some of its own. However, with the security cover gone, surfing the web using IE 9 will be akin to exposing your system to more risks.

The latest (and greatest) Windows 10 also offers much better functionality than the Vista could ever do. It’s ages ahead of Vista and is built around an idea that was virtually non-existent when Vista was launched in 2007.

With Windows 10, what you get is a platform that can make the best of cloud computing, besides offering better usability in a connected environment. You can download apps of your choice and have your productivity stretched across various devices, be it a tablet, handheld device and so on, without worrying about getting hacked or losing data.

Overall, Windows 10 offers the best solution to carry on with your computing in the best possible manner, something that will never be possible with Vista from here onwards.

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