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Microsoft To-Do app to replace Wunderlist

Wunderlist has always been an excellent app for the forgetful types, helping them to keep track of their projects or just about any other task that they need to do. And now Microsoft believes they have an even better solution on offer in the form of another app named Microsoft To-Do.

Essentially, the new Microsoft To-Do app carries on with all that made the Wunderlist so endearing though it has also been enhanced on a number of fronts, which among other includes deeper integration with other Microsoft services. That again is hardly surprising and can in fact be seen as the evolution of the Wunderlist app that Microsoft had acquired in 2015 to the next level.

In fact, the new app is the handiwork of the same team that had developed Wunderlist and will eventually go on to replace the original. So how is the new To-Do app special from its predecessor, the Wunderlist?

One of the most striking new additions to the Microsoft To-Do app is the ‘My Day’ feature. Here you can put up daily tasks that you need to be reminded of, with a fresh list offered every day. There is an AI twist added as well, with the app also suggesting tasks that you might need to do based on what you have done before.

Another positive with the app is that it already enjoys integration with Office 365. Microsoft has stated the app will also be connected to other Microsoft services such as Outlook along with a few other Office apps as well.

Then there will also be the option to add emojis, which will make the quite boring to-do list a lot more exciting. This can also be a nice way to distinguish one entry from another. Syncing across platforms is enabled as well, which means lists created in say a Windows PC can be pursued on an Android or iOS smartphone effortlessly.

Among the features that are in the process of being added to the To-Do app include the feature to share lists with others. A Mac version of the app is also being planned, as are tablet version as well for iOS and Android.