Home Technology GoPro launches Fusion, its first 360 degree VR ready cam

GoPro launches Fusion, its first 360 degree VR ready cam

GoPro today announced the launch of its first 360-degree camera named GoPro Fusion. This also marks the company’s foray into the hot new VR segment, with the camera allowing for the creation of VR content.

GoPro though is claiming its new Fusion cam is just as well adept at shooting standard photos and videos as it is for VR content. The cam also boats of an impressive resolution of 5.2k, promising clarity probably unheard of.

Elaborating further on the newest member of the GoPro family, company CEO and founder stated it would be like having a cam in place that will be able to record the user’s each and every moment from all directions all at once.

It will be then up to the user to keep the shots that they believe will suit them the best.

Referred to as OverCapture or reframing, the new Fusion will be like having a specialized camera team accompanying you and shooting from all directions at the same time.

Also true to the family lineage, the new Fusion is built with durability in mind.

What that means is that the cam can be just as easy to mount as any other in the GoPro range, besides having the ability to go just about anywhere. So whether you are on a mountaineering expedition or flowing down a raging stream, the Fusion can always be at the thick of the action as any other GoPro devices have always been.

Imagine having all the extreme footage that the Fusion will be able to come up with easily, something that would have otherwise required a whole team of camera-toting men to record. Not to mention the additional costs such an endeavor would have incurred as well.

It is also happens to be the primary factor that separates the Fusion from every other VR 360 degree camera currently available. The company though is yet to reveal the complete details of the Fusion, which includes its full specs, price or launch information. However, a debut by around end-2017 is being considered likely.