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Nintendo NES Classic: Final sales starts today at Best Buy stores

The Nintendo NES Classic isn’t being produced anymore. And the last remaining units of the console will be up for sale at best Buy stores starting April 24.

The popular electronics retailer also stated they would be doling out discounts on the gaming consoles along with the accessories compatible with the retro system. All of it makes sense given that better alternatives are already available, including Nintendo’s very own Wii or Wii U consoles.

As such, the NES Classic is only likely to appeal to those who have a fondness for things retro. The system also carries a lot of emotional value too, with those having played games such as Super Mario Bros, Mega Man and such on the Classic will no doubt connect instantly with the device. Whether or not such feelings can convert to actual purchase remains to be seen though.

Best Buy, meanwhile has stated the consoles would only be available via its brick-mortar stores and not online. Perhaps that is reminiscent of its retro status, having had its heydays in an age when the internet was still evolving, let alone the trend of online shopping.

Some of the outlets will be issuing tickets before they open so as to deal with any rush. That again is an indication of there being enough demand for the outgoing console as fans and hobbyist try to make the most of the last chance they have to procure it, before it becomes history. Sale though will be on a first come-first served basis.

Best Buy also hasn’t stated how many units of the NES Classic consoles they have in their stock, or – even though it seems unlikely – more units would be coming their way before April comes to an end.

Meanwhile, those who miss out on the NES Classic can still look forward to other new-age alternatives. Those includes the Nvidia Shield gaming tablet, Mad Catz M.O.J.O. along with of course the Nintendo Wii or Wii U.