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Galaxy Note 8 leak shows radical design overhaul

The Galaxy Note 8 hype is ever on the rise, thanks to the healthy dose of leaks and rumors pouring in almost every other day. And from what seems evident already, the upcoming Note 8 could well turn out to be the best smartphone ever to have been produced.

One reason for that is the radical new design philosophy termed Infinity display being adopted for the upcoming phablet. We have already seen that on the S8 and S8+ and the Note 8 would further see a culmination of the same theme.

That basically involves the display curving out at the edges, thus rendering the side bezels non-existent. Further, the top and bottom bezels too are reduced to just the minimum, freeing up further room for the screen to expand into.

This has enabled Samsung to fit a quite huge 6.2-inch display on the S8+ without making the device look humongous. Further, an aspect ratio of 18.5:9 makes the device fit for single handed usage even though you can’t swipe down from the top to reach out for the notifications. That limitation notwithstanding, it is the bigger S8+ that has turned out to be the more sought after of the S8 duo.

Coming to the Note 8, the display is going to be bigger by just a whisker, 6.3-inches which mean the external dimensions are likely to remain largely the same as the S8+. The same also applies to the aspect ratio, which means the device will be fit enough for single-handed usage, though you will need another hand to reach out to the notifications.

However, what remains to be seen is whether of the biggest grouse with the S8 – the placement of the fingerprint sensor alongside the rear cam leading to the latter getting unnecessarily smudged – is addressed in the Note 8. The various leaks and rendering we have had of the upcoming phablet have not shown the sensor placed at the rear.

This again has led many to believe Samsung might have perfected the technology to incorporate the fingerprint sensor beneath the front display itself. Apple too is believed to be in the race to achieve the same with its iPhone 8 and it will be interesting to see which of the two handsets win.

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This again brings us to the other important revelation pertaining to the Note 8 – the rear dual cam. Both the individual cam will benefit from optical image stabilization though one of the lenses will have 3x optical zoom.

On the whole, the rear camera is not expected to see a bump in megapixels but will have their capabilities enhanced thoroughly. That should allow for better low light photography besides an overall increment in performance. The Note 7 was known for its excellent camera and the Note 8 seems to be shaping up to be even better.