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Apple tipped to refresh its entire MacBook range during WWDC

Apple could be seen launching several new hardware during WWDC, belying initial speculations the software-focused event would be kept just that.

Among the probable that seem certain to find mention during the developer’s meet include a refreshed MacBook, and MacBook Pro along with even an updated MacBook Air as well. A Siri-powered AI speaker along with a new version of the 10.5-inch iPad Pro 2 are also being hotly speculated to be announced during the June event.

However, barring the AI speaker, every other hardware is basically a refresh of the existing line-up. In comparison, the speaker would be a completely new development and would mark Apple’s foray in a segment it has never been into before.

Coming to the MacBook Pro, Apple could be seen launching a new top-end version equipped with the faster Kaby Lake processor along with a new 32 GB memory option. The laptop has had a redesign just last fall season that had made the device slimmer and lighter than its predecessor. Besides, it also benefitted from a new Touch Bar along with Thunderbolt 3 I/O during the time. As such, any changes this time is likely to be limited to just the internals, with minimal exterior changes, if any.

There has also been talk of Apple developing its own custom ARM processor for the MacBook Pro. The said chip would be designed to take care of low-power processing tasks, thereby enhancing system efficiency. However, it’s unlikely the chip would be ready by the time the new MacBook Pro is announced next month. Maybe we will get to see the chip integrated into the next-gen models.

Meanwhile, the Kaby Lake chips could be seen making their way into the MacBook devices as well. The laptop was last updated during April 2016, which makes it quite probable for the new MacBook to feature the latest Intel chip in its refreshed avatar.

The biggest surprise though is the MacBook Air which seems to have got a fresh lease of life. Originally destined to pave way for the MacBook, the 12-inch MacBook Air could be seen lingering on for another couple of years at least.

Likewise, the entry-level laptop too could benefit from an updated internals comprising of a faster processor and more/newer memory. The MacBook Air may not be the slim and svelte laptop as was initially envisioned thanks to a refreshed MacBook but it continues to sell in sizeable numbers.

Maybe Apple wishes to cash in on its popularity before phasing out the device. But for now, the MacBook Air continues to be in demand thanks to its affordability.

Apple is also reported to have been working on new iteration of its desktop lineup – the iMac and iMac Mini. Both have suffered bigger delays when it comes to hardware updates, with the iMac getting an update back in Oct. 2015. Its even more pathetic for the iMac Mini that had last been refreshed further back in Oc. 2014.

Unfortunately, none of the Apple desktop range are likely to be discussed during the June event.